#2 The Hypnotist

Episode Two - The Hypnotist
Matt Hale

This episode Bonnie and Andrea talk to Matt Hale, the former sceptic turned world renowned comedy hypnotist. Matt has captivated crowds from London to Vegas, won three national Australian comedy awards and appeared on television, tabloids, the National Film and Sound Archive and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. He also uses his unique skills as a keynote speaker with his presentation and bestselling book Mindhacking Happiness. Matt uses his charming personality and what he calls ‘The Power of Probably’ to entertain crowds around the world and help people use their minds to change their lives. 

Andrea shares a story from when herself and Matt were working together as radio hosts and Matt’s loud scepticism was revealed when the pair went to a spiritual expo. However, Matt was converted by a peculiar device that fixed his knee pain. Matt says he’s happy to be a believer when he can see the science behind something, and the same applies to his own work as a hypnotist. In his shows, Matt goes against the known clichés of hypnotism, presenting it as a fun, positive way to harness the power of the mind, rather than a mysterious, otherworldly power that involves spirals and swinging clocks.

Bonnie Davies, Andrea Gibbs and Matt Hale

 Matt reveals how he first became fascinated by hypnotism at 21, and he slowly built up a repertoire of mind skills, including remembering a pack of cards in order. He shares how he uses a learned skill that appears incredible, such as remembering the names of an entire room of 60 people, as an example of how the mind can be trained in life changing ways. He applies this philosophy to help people quit smoking, become more motivated, and manage weight and stress. For Matt, it’s all about leading your brain to go down a certain path, and repeating that until it becomes habit, much like learning to drive.

 Bonnie and Andrea investigate Matt’s childhood, and how he came to be the positive person he is today. Matt discusses his parents’ love of music, and how that influenced earlier career as a DJ. Matt’s new show The Clubnosis Experience combines his DJing skills with his hypnotism to form a unique blend of visualisation and house music. He also shares how music can have a profound effect on the human mind, like certain songs bringing up vivid memories.

Bonnie and Andrea also quiz Matt on his relationship with the stage. He explains how he uses what some would call positive self-talk to keep himself in the right frame of mind for performance. This is what he calls ‘The Power of Probably’, the idea that he can probably achieve whatever he sets his mind to. For Matt, that’s simply his nature, but for some, the doubtful voices in their heads are louder than the optimistic ones. He believes that one’s brain can be retrained into thinking in a more positive way, and this is what he brings to his performances and keynote speeches.

Matt’s positivity is infectious and inspiring. He proves that you can be aspirational, live your best life and help others to live theirs in a way that is inclusive, tangible and tethered to reality. He is a living, breathing example of the power of positive thinking, and somehow achieves this while being totally down to earth and relatable. You couldn’t be hypnotised by a nicer guy.

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