Season Trailer

A little teaser...

 A brand new podcast by Andrea Gibbs & Bonnie Davies.  ALL EYES ON ME is all about what to do when all eyes are on you.

Andrea and Bonnie both work on stages regularly, as comedians and presenters.  However, they became intrigued about the stages that others choose to work on the audiences they have to deal with.  The idea came about over dinner hosted by a local psychic.  Bonnie & Andrea could barely keep their champagne down as the psychic told everyone at the dinner all about her life and attempted to give readings.  As the night unfolded it became clear that the psychic had her own techniques for holding the audience & building tension.  It was totally a performance... smoke and mirrors, just on a very different stage to what Bonnie & Andrea were used to.  They made a pact to never go to a psychic dinner again, despite the food being very good.

“I think after two bottles of champagne, any podcast idea sounds great.”
— Andrea Gibbs - Co-Host

Instead they thought, let's interview people who are successful at being on very different stages and see what we can learn from them.  From coaches, newsreaders, comedians... to find out what makes and how they make it work.

“I haven’t seen enough people naked to even imagine them all naked...”
— Bonnie Davies - Co-Host

The podcast takes successful people off their stage, sits them down and steels from them all the lessons they've learned about being onstage.  To help you know what to do, when all eyes are on you.  Oh and do any of them actually picture their audiences naked?

Season 1 officially arrives on Sept 10.  We kick things off with the very talented Michelle Cowan.  She was the inaugural AFLW coach for the Dockers and we chart her journey from the footy stands to the main stage.