What Is All This Then?

“There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.” – Mark Twain

Every year millions of people do their jobs in front of people; a coach prepping their team, a CEO addressing staff, a newsreader reading a bulletin. 

Most of us will have to stand in front of a crowd one day, so why do some of us love it, others endure it and the rest, well, completely avoid it.

Bonnie and Andrea are intrigued by how some people thrive with all eyes on them and others are like 'uh, yeah... no thanks, I’d rather set my hair on fire.’

ALL EYES ON ME is a conversation with people who perform on very different stages; sporting fields, podiums, surgeries…
Do they get nervous? What keeps them going back for more? And does anyone actually picture their audience naked?

What do you do when all eyes are on you, and things you say (and do) really matter, to real people.